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Product name

6+1 microphone Speech recognition array I2S interface Ring-shaped full-color built-in IC LED Sound source localization K210 development board accessories.


LC 6+1 Mic Array microphone array module is equipped with 7 high-quality silicon microphones and 12 programmable full-color LEDs, which can be used for voice recognition capture, sound source localization, LED full-color display and other occasions.


1. Silicon microphone parameters:

  • Onboard 6+1 MSM261S4030H0R silicon microphones, support left and right channel output, 3 left channel MIC(M0/M2/M4)+3 right channel MIC(M1/M3/M5)+1 right channel MIC(M6)
  • Communication interface: I2S
  • Sound pressure level: 140db SPL
  • Sensitivity: -26(dB,dBFS @1KHz 1Pa)
  • SNR: 57dB (20KHz bandwidth, A-weighted)
  • THD<1%(100dB SPL @1KHz S=Nom, Rload>2K)
  • Clock frequency: 1.0-4.0MHz (normal mode), 150-800KHz (low power mode)

2. Ring LED parameters:

  • Onboard 12 cascaded SK9822 built-in IC full-color LEDs, only need 2 MCU I/O to control
  • Communication interface: two-wire synchronous control signal CKI and SDI
  • Viewing angle: 120 degrees
  • Two-wire synchronous selection of positive output or negative output RGB three-color LED output
  • 8-bit (256-level) color setting, 5-bit (32-level) brightness adjustment
  • Each LED consumes 20mA for each color, and the maximum brightness for all colors consumes 60mA

3. Onboard interface: 2.54mm 2*5P horn seat/2.54mm single row pin/0.5mm 10P FPC seat

4. Scope of application: Our K210 Dock development board can also be driven by other MCUs with I2S interface


1. Board size: 89.7*78.8mm Weight: 44g (including accessories)

2.Introduce for interface
MIC7-2.png MIC7-3.png

A.0.5mm 10P FPC seat B.2.54mm 2*5P Horns