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Product name

Offline Speech Recognition Control Module Modifiable Wake Word Support GPIO Port Control
Chinese and English Recognition

About LC-AI-SU03T

Offline speech recognition control uses the SU-03T chip as the main control chip, recognizes the voice content spoken by the user through the microphone, and then controls the IO port status of the microcontroller.
It has many advantages such as high recognition rate, high sensitivity, multiple entries, multiple languages, and self-learning.
Users can go to the Smartpi official website: other functions by yourself according to your own needs.

LC-AI-SU03T view

Front view

Reverse view

Introduction instruction


1.Type-C power supply port: 5V power supply port
2.Burning port: Use CH340 for serial port burning
3.Toggle switch: ON - turn on; OFF - turn off
4.PH2.0 terminal block: speaker interface
5.USB female socket: 5V voltage output port (GPIO_B3 port control)
6.Microphone: 4.5*2.2mm microphone

Function features

  • High recognition rate, high sensitivity
  • Up to 150 word entries can be set
  • Support Chinese and English recognition
  • Support self-learning function

Use description

Factory firmware entry:

Wake word Reply word
Hello Xiao Sai
I am here; you say; Can I help you
Xiao Sai Xiao Sai
Command word Reply word Port
Turn on power
Open power
Power has been turned on for you B3 high level
Turn off power Power has been turned off for you B3 low level
Increase volume/Increase sound Volume has been increased /
Reduce volume/Reduce sound Volume has been reduced /
Turn on all/Open all All turned on /
Turn off all All turned off /
Medium volume/Set to medium volume Already set to medium volume /
Max volume/Set to maximum volume Already set to Max volume /
Min volume/Set to minimum volume Already set to Min volume /
Turn on B2/Open B2 Already turn on B2 B2 high level
Turn off B2 Already turn off B2 B2 low level
Turn on B3/Open B3 Already turn on B3 B3 high level
Turn off B3 Already turn off B3 B3 low level
Turn on 25/Open 25 Already turn on 25 A25 high level
Turn off 25 Already turn off 25 A25 low level
Turn on 26/Open 26 Already turn on 26 A26 high level
Turn off 26 Already turn off 26 A26 low level
Turn on 27/Open 27 Already turn on 27 A27 high level
Turn off 27 Already turn off 27 A27 low level

Function development: Smartpi development official website:

Here you can refer to the article by netizen W_oilpicture for function development:


  • If the COM port cannot be recognized, please install the USB to TTL driver first;
  • When burning, the firmware path cannot contain Chinese;
  • Burn the bin file with _update in its name.

Download LC-AI-SU03T user manual

For more information about the use of LC-AI-SU03T, please check the Baidu network disk extraction code: 9vcs