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Product name

Digital tube WiFi clock module 0.8 inch automatic clock DIY digital electronic clock wireless network timing USB power supply


Elsay WiFi digital tube clock module, WiFi automatic time synchronization, calibration every 1 hour, the error is very small when connected to the network. There are 8 levels of brightness adjustable, the appearance is simple and uncomplicated, and the time is convenient to adjust. The clock chip is equipped with a button battery, and the time can be accurately timed even when the power is unplugged.


  • USB power supply, or external wiring
  • Automatic time synchronization when connected to WiFi, easy to operate
  • Time display in 24-hour format
  • Brightness adjustable
  • The time is kept when power off, and the precise timing error is small


1. Appearance size: 71.5*25.8*14mm
Weight: 24g
Explanation of the physical picture of the board function:


2.Introduction for use
Use microUSB to power the clock module first
(1)You can manually adjust the time when you are not connected to the Internet. The operation is as follows:
Press "UP" or "DOWN" to switch and display three states, namely: hour minute, second, brightness, level.

On the display (hour and minute) interface, press "SET" to enter the hour setting, the hour display is flashing, press "UP" and "DOWN" to increase and decrease; press "SET" again to set the minute, the minute display is flashing, press "UP" " and "DOWN" can increase and decrease; press "SET" again to exit the setting.

On the display (seconds) interface, press "SET" to enter the second setting, the second display will flash, press "UP" and "DOWN" to reset the second to zero and restart the timing; press "SET" again to exit the setting.

On the display (brightness level) interface, press "SET" to enter the setting of the brightness level, the brightness level display is flashing, press "UP" and "DOWN" to increase or decrease the brightness; press "SET" again to exit the setting.

(2)Networking operation instructions (in network mode, the time cannot be manually modified, but the brightness can be changed):
Turn on the WiFi on the mobile phone, click to connect "ESP-xxxxxxx", then open the browser, enter to confirm:
(1, enter the name of WiFi; 2, enter the password of WiFi; 3, confirm)
After the connection is successful, you can see the network indicator on the back is on, and the time will be automatically calibrated. If you want to connect to another router, you can open the webpage to modify it. After the network connection is completed, it will automatically connect every time it is powered on, and the indicator light will go out after the network is disconnected.