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Product name

ESP8266 clock module 8266 clock development board can be powered by 18650 battery


Elsay ESP8266 clock module uses the ESP-12F module with ESP8266 as the core as the main control; onboard a 0.96-inch OLED, clock chip, five-way button, single-cell 18650 lithium battery charging chip; can be used through the microUSB interface To charge the battery and program the ESP8266. Users can combine their own ideas to develop a different wifi clock.


  • 0.96 inch OLED can display the time intuitively
  • Clock can be calibrated via wifi
  • Access to 18650 lithium battery can be used anytime, anywhere
  • It can charge 18650 lithium battery, and there is a charging indicator to indicate the charging status
  • The derived pins can be connected to other equipment modules for development
  • microUSB automatic programming function
  • Five-way button connected to five pins is equivalent to five buttons


1. Board size: 120*30mm Weight: 28g
Explanation of the physical picture of the board function:



2.Test intruction
Open the burning software flash_download_tools_v3.6.7, open the corresponding .bin file in the firmware folder, click star and wait for the automatic burning to complete and reset.
Firmware 1 Burning Instructions

Firmware 2 Burning Instructions

Firmware 1 display effect

Firmware 2 display effect
Note: Remove the 18650 lithium battery during programming to avoid programming failure. It is best to use a charging current of 500mA to 1A for charging with usb. If the current is too high, the charging chip may heat up severely. Please install the positive and negative poles of the battery correctly. The charging chip will be damaged in a moment of reverse installation, which may cause the battery to explode. Pay special attention!