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Product name

Wireless desktop computer switch button nuclear power button




The wireless power-on button can realize wireless power-on within 5 meters, without bending over to turn on the computer.
Install the boot board, and turn on the BIOS usb power supply option, and you can use it. No charging, long-lasting standby.

Function features

1.Wireless switch, the desktop is more concise
2.Low power consumption chip, longer battery life
3.Press the button light display, the status is clear at a glance
4.Compatible with the original boot cable of the motherboard, easy to use
5.Boot board
6.Nuclear button

Use description


The 9-pin definition of the mainboard boot. The side of the boot board with the chip is facing the edge of the board

Motherboard USB2.0 9-pin definition. The single power cable on the boot board needs to be plugged into USB+5V
1.Find the 9-pin boot cable on the motherboard, take out the original cable, and insert the boot board.
2.Insert the 8 cables on the motherboard into the boot board in the original order.
3.Insert the power cable on the boot board into the USB 5V power supply pin on the motherboard
4.At this point, the installation of the boot board is completed, and the power supply option when the usb is turned off is turned on in the computer BIOS. Due to the large number of mainboard models, please find out how to enable this option by yourself.
5.Press the nuke button to power on.