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Product name

LCPI zero network HUB expansion board USB to Ethernet HUB hub


LC LCPI HUB network expansion board, equipped with three USB2.0 interfaces and one 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface, Type-C power supply, thimble communicates with LCPI USB and supplies power,
The power input and output are connected to recoverable fuses. It is fixed on the LCPI by screws and copper pillars, which is neat in appearance and easy to use.


  • Free drive, can be used directly
  • It can not only be used on LCPI Zero, but also can be used on the computer by connecting microUSB
  • Type-C high current power supply can carry more peripheral devices
  • Three-way USB2.0 has self-recovery fuse protection circuit


1. Board size: 65*49mm Weight: 27g
Explanation of board function physical map:

Note: When LCPI communicates through the thimble, do not connect the microUSB on the expansion board, so as not to interfere with the normal communication of the thimble.
The picture is for reference only, it is not equipped with Lcteh pie ZERO