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Product name

9 Key Wireless Custom Keyboard 2.4G USB Bluetooth 3 Modes Hot-swappable Buttons Button Customization

About LC-MK-SKB-9-WL

LC 9-button wireless custom keyboard. Support wired USB, wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth 3 modes. With 9 independent buttons.
Cooperate with the key value editing software to realize the key code editing of each key. With 3 scene modes, different key values can be used in different scene modes.

LC-MK-SKB-9-WL view

Front view

Reverse view

Function features

1.USB+2.4G+Bluetooth 5.1,3 modes.

2.RGB lighting effects.

3. Support common button, multimedia button and mouse button function. (Bluetooth function only supports normal buttons)

4. Support button editing function, each button can be customized.

5. The wireless mode automatically sleeps to save power.

Introduction instruction

Board size:75*75*13mm/95g

The 9 buttons are all independent, and each button can customize the key value. The DIP power switch is used to turn off/on the power.

Default button functions:

Scene 1(default) Scene 2 Scene 3
Button Button1 Ctrl+A (select all) Next song F12
Button 2 Ctrl+C(Copy) Previous song Browser
Button 3 Ctrl+V(paste) Pause/Play Resource manager
Button 4 Mouse scroll up Volume + Volume +
Button 5 Ctrl Mute the sound Mute the sound
Button 6 Mouse scroll down Volume - Volume -
Button 7
Button 8
Button 9

The switch between the wired mode and the wireless mode is realized by plugging in the USB.
Plug in the USB and enter wired mode.
Not plug in the USB, flip the power switch, use the internal battery to supply power, and enter the wireless mode.

Use description

1.Wired mode
The button is connected to the computer through a type-c cable, and the RGB light will light up when the power switch is toggled. Press the button to realize the default function in the table.
By default, it will go to sleep without pressing the button for 10 minutes, and it will wake up when the button is pressed again.

2.2.4G wireless mode
①The wireless receiver and keyboard have been paired by default at the factory, and the user does not need to pair again, and it can be used immediately.
②Plug in the receiver, the receiver will flash blue light twice and then turn off.
③When the user toggles the power switch of the keyboard, the keyboard will flash green light, which means entering 2.4G mode. Press the button, the receiver will receive the command to flash the blue light.
④In 2.4G mode, it will automatically sleep after 10 seconds of stopping the button, and it will wake up by pressing the button again.

2.4G re-pairing process:

If the 2.4G can be used normally, it is not recommended to pair again. After reset, all key values will be lost and return to the factory settings.

If you can't connect, you can try to re-pair:
a.Plug in the receiver and open the key value editor software. Click the reset button in the red circle, and the receiver will have a steady blue light, indicating that the receiver is successfully reset. Unplug receiver.


b.Insert the keyboard through the type-c cable and open the key value editing software. Click the reset button in the red circle, and the keyboard will reset automatically.

DO NOT insert the receiver during this step!


c.Power off both the receiver and the keyboard, plug in the receiver first, the receiver will have a steady blue light. The keyboard does not need to be connected to the type-c cable, just flip the power switch directly to enter the 2.4G mode, and the green light flashes.
The moment the keyboard is powered on, the blue light on the receiver will go out, indicating that the pairing is successful.

d.Both the receiver and the keyboard are powered off and on again. At this time, the pairing has been completed, and the 2.4G should work normally. If not, you can try pairing several times.

3.Bluetooth wireless mode
Press any two buttons on the same row in the 3 rows, turn on the power switch, the keyboard will flash blue light, which means entering the Bluetooth mode. At this time, you can use the computer or mobile phone Bluetooth to pair.

Bluetooth mode only has normal button functions, multimedia buttons and mouse functions cannot be used!

By default, it will go to sleep without pressing the button for 10 minutes, and it will wake up when the button is pressed again.


4.Custom key value

It is recommended to configure in wired mode, which has high stability.

Open the key value editing software, select the first key, select the application layer, enter the key value, and click download. You can see a prompt that the download was successful.
For example, set as shown in the figure below, press button 1, and output A on the computer.
Combination keys can realize the function of combination keys by checking the option in the "Option Button" + inputting the key value.

5.Scene switching function
Press the three buttons in the same row for 3 seconds at the same time, and let go to enter the scene switching mode.
The lights will turn off at the same time and only one light will be on. When light number 1 is on, it means you are in scene 1, and when light number 2 is on, you are in scene 2. Press the 1, 2, 3 button to select scene 1, 2, 3.
In different scenarios, each button can have different key values.
After the selection is completed, press and hold the 3 buttons on the same row for 3 seconds again to return to the normal input mode.

Download the LC-MK-SKB-9-WL user manual

For more information about the use of LC-MK-SKB-9-WL, please view the Baidu network diskextraction code: qihh