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Product name

433M remote control arc igniter high voltage igniter remote control button trigger


The 433M remote-controlled arc igniter is programmed with the NY8B062F chip. It sends instructions through the 433M remote control to control the transformer to produce a purple high-temperature arc. It can be controlled by remote control or by buttons on the module. After completing the pairing of the remote controller and the receiving module, you can control it through the remote controller.


Front view

Reverse view

Introduction instructions

Board size:28*58mm/16g

1.Power supply port: 3.7V lithium battery power supply
2.Switch button: press to generate arc, release to turn off (prolonged press is prohibited)
4.Boost coil transformer: divided into three wires from left to right: thick wire, thick and thin wound wire, and thin wire
5.High-voltage wires: Adjust the distance between the two wires to minimize the distance between them (but do not touch them)
6.Lithium battery: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery, 3.7V
7.433M module button: Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter remote control pairing (press the "A" button on the remote control at this time), the indicator light flashes 4 times to indicate successful pairing; Press and hold for 8s, the indicator light will go out and all paired remote controls will be cleared
8.433M remote control: Press the "A" button to generate an arc, release it to turn it off (it is prohibited to press it for a long time)

Function features

  • Support 433M remote control control, powerful functionv
  • Support button press trigger
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery

Use description

1.Installation method of step-up coil transformer
This transformer has three copper wires, one thick copper wire and one thin copper wire,a thick and thin copper wire wound together. There are three holes at corresponding positions on the PCB board,Please put the thick copper wire into the leftmost hole,put the thick and thin copper wires into the hole in the middle,put the thin copper wire into the hole on the far right. After welding, insert plastic cable ties into the holes on both sides to secure the transformer.

2.433M remote control button pairing
Press and hold the white button on the 433M module for 2 seconds to enter the remote control pairing mode. At this time, press the "A" button of the remote control you want to pair with it. The LED light of the module will flash 4 times, indicating that the pairing is successful. Press and hold the white button for 8 seconds, the indicator light will go out, and all paired remote controls on the module will be cleared.

3.Control method
The module is divided into two control modes,It can be controlled by the switch button on the module, or by pressing the "A" key on the remote control. Press to generate arc, release to turn off arc.

 Note: Do not press the button for a long time to cause arcing during use, otherwise the module will continue to heat up, causing damage to the module, etc.

Download the LC-MK-WLFIRE user manual

For more information on the use of LC-MK-WLFIRE, please view the Baidu network disk extraction code: utcs.